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The Goat Trust promotes small livestock (Goat/sheep/ Backyard birds rearing) based livelihood through support with production technology, building institutions and promoting standard of marketing and linkage across the globe. With their unique business model for each goat-based product the community-based change agent (i.e. social entrepreneurs) associated with us generate revenue.

 The Goat trust has built their networked organisation with their ‘Pashu Sakhis (para vets), while transforming what goat rearing looks like across 16 states in India. Part of the training (mostly) female change agents receive, to become “Pashu Sakhi”, is about relevant preventive and responsible measures to ensure healthier goats and reduced mortality.                                                                                      

The Goat Trust also localizes the supply of fodder through Pashu Sakhis and sets up
 and identifies new local and online markets to reduce the cost of production while maintaining consistent demand. 

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The Goat Trust’, offers  online courses and training programs that allow Pashu Sakhis to take up self-paced learning and continuous knowledge upgradation. 

Before trainings happen, The Goat Trust performs an assessment to see if the community – understanding the consumption pattern, and what raw  materials are available. They offer tranings (that come with certificates) in Livestock management, livestock nursing, livestock financial services, duck farming & hatchery management, organic livestock, artificial insemination, livestock trade & marketing.

They offer various trainings to community-based change agents and partners to communities. You can use some of their audio-visual training support tool, check them out here: Or join their trainings, check their training calendar here:

And they offer a number of publications, like:

  1. A report depicting various tools and techniques to provide training at community level and how to manage such trainings
  2. A report depicting different aspects and basic information on goat rearing & technical terminology to deal with treatment in simple and easy language.

Browse their reports here:

Next to several Business management & goat farming courses, The Goat Trust also offers support for young people based in the villages to become “Social Change Fellows”. Fellowships will support them to establish small social enterprises in their own area promoted by The Goat Trust. Learn more here:

The Goat Trust also have piloted and standardized a micro leasing process for small livestock like goats and ducks through working with communities. Micro leasing had been proven as more pro poor and sustainable business than micro credit for working on small livestock – learn more here:

Another ‘tool’ they’ve developed and offer is a platform for trading: Pushubajaar. To streamline the livestock trading process, we have established Village Level Trade Centers (VLTCs) and Cluster Level Trade Centers (CLTCs). These centers serve as hubs for collecting goat stock, enabling efficient procurement and ensuring a diverse range of options for buyers.

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