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Sabe de la Tierra promotes a sustainability paradigm, by building spaces for small and organic producers and consumers to meet. They promote sustainable consumption, healthy eating and entrepreneurship. They established many food markets in different regions of Argentina, and they are key suppliers for (ingredients and food) for schools in Necochea.

Sabe de la Tierra establishes links between small producers and consumers, rescuing the human relationship beyond buying and selling. They seek to generate a change of consciousness that leads to an alternative lifestyle that:

●     consumes less and is more responsibly

●     support fair trade

●     gives space to small(-holder) farmers and producers

●     establishes bridges between producers and consumers – through, but not limited to, local markets

How they do this is through launching markets for small producers, launching local online stores, talks to companies, educational programs, providing local (responsible & healthy) catering services, awareness events, sharing healthy recipes, actively inspiring others to join the change.

Sabe de la Tierra has but one purpose: to create a sustainable culture.

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Sabe de la Tierra can support with their solutions & tools to launch new markets and actively engage small-holder farmers and producers in that process. The process of identifying the producers starts 6 months before opening a new market, usually in collaboration with local governments. The recruitment is done through:

  1. Open meeting, where Sabe de la Tierra introduces the model and invites them for a call for application.
  2. Summits, where producers meet with other relevant stakeholders as restaurant owners, food quality auditors and legal advisors, packaging experts, who are also responsible for evaluating their offers and providing live feedback.
  3. The selection through 1:1 interviews.

Producers usually don’t think the model could work in their ecosystems, and they show signs of resistance. Having a space for Q&A and also meeting the other members of the community help the process of building trust.

To producers, Sabe de la Tierra offers a quality stamp and place of belonging, as they are regularly people fallen from the system – they don’t have the technicalities or size to sell in the formal market. The market offers them a space to socialize and build connections.

Sabe de la tierra helps producers improve the quality of their work through training in marketing and communications, legal requirements to be able to sell their products in supermarkets and other shops, accounting, food health requirements, etc

Available tools which could be useful for partners to communities, or change agents based in communities:

●     Listen to some of the talks on ‘how to undertake’ here:

●     If you want to undertake with purpose, discover your true motivation and encourage change, you can join a cycle of 4 meetings by zoom and delivery of reading material and videos to work on after each class – subscribe here:

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