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Ahmini (‘Protect me’ in Arabic) is on a mission to allow women in rural areas to be enrolled in social security and thus receive medical and retirement benefits. Using technology and mobile phones to link social security numbers and payments to SIM cards, rural women are now able to be insured at a manageable cost. Through awareness sessions, women were able to learn and understand the importance of being insured. With the help of hundreds of trained volunteers, Ahmini facilitated registration opportunities throughout Tunisia’s rural area.

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Through an ambassadors network awareness is raised, and rural women are informed about social security and insurance. After submitting a request for the national social security fund, Ahmini supports the women to get a healthcare card. With this card, registered and connected on their phones, they can access health care services.

Women and groups of women are also supported with the commercialisation of their (hand made) products. Ambassadors take pictures of the products of the women & their products are registered on a platform, with competitive pricing. In this way Ahmini supports with livelihoods. Through their sales, money flows into the online wallet (income) from which women can buy fresh products from others, and pay monthly fees for social security and insurance. They can buy health insurance but also accident insurance, and  agricultural insurances (animals, germination, wheather etc).

Through Ahmini support program, women that go through a period of difficulty -and cannot pay during a certain period-  these women can still buy products through the platform, and continue to pay for their insurance(s).

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Ahmini offers a digital platform for rural women with 3 applications – accessible by mobile phone (in Arabic):

1.    Ahmini Affiliation (via ambassadors based in the village) & access to insurance

2.    Ahmini Store (buying and selling products)

3.    Ahmini Support (social security in times of crisis)

All of these applications are supported by a simple process for payment, through a wallet on their phones.

How does it work? Watch these videos:

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  • Meher Khelifi, founder & CEO

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