Healing Field Foundation – India & Indonesia

Healing Fields Foundation provides training and support for women as health change agents in their communities. Healing Fields works in rural areas of poorer states to impact change in the areas with the greatest need.

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Healing Fields Foundation’s approach is comprehensive — working to prevent health problems through education; facilitate access to health services, entitlements from the government and health products; and treat minor health concerns and follow up with care.  

The Community Health Entrepreneurs (CHE) over time are being valued as leaders, counsellors, educators, and health service facilitators. We have trained over 6000 CHEs who reach over 6000 villages and touch 8.25 million lives on a continuing care basis.

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Community Health Entrepreneurs (CHEs) are women from rural and resource-poor communities selected, trained, and supported to become health catalysts in their villages.

Our CHEs:

  • Lead health education in their communities
  • Catalyse change in health behaviors
  • Offer the first point of contact for first aid and non-emergency health-related services in their remote villages.
  • Play the role of problem solvers and leaders of behaviour change
  • Motivate community-level activities and facilitate their community members to engage with and utilize Government systems and entitlement programs that are directly related to their health outcomes.
  • As health entrepreneurs, they facilitate access to entitlements, sell health and hygiene products for a marginal profit, and collect data using digital tools.
  • As telehealth facilitators, they anchor a continuum of care including screening, identification, facilitated access to doctors and follow-up for adherence to doctor advice

The training is in 2 phases:

  • Foundational Community Health Entrepreneur training
  • Telehealth Facilitator training

Additionally, Healing Fields can offer master training opportunities for CHEs to be trained by host organizations.

Next to trainings other tools that can be useful to use – as a change agent, a community health entrepreneur, in your community are:

●  Home isolation guidelines

●  community covid care center guidelines

●  Information, Education and Communications  -in Hindi like  covid advisory information

Where to find more

●  https://www.ashoka.org/nl-nl/fellow/mukteshwari-bosco

●  https://healing-fields.org/

●  check out their Rural Resource Centre here: https://healing-fields.org/?page_id=3264

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Resources are in many languages

Find more info here:

●            https://www.healthyentrepreneurs.nl/contact-en/

Who’s best to contact

-Mukti Bosco – Founder

– Maya Welch – Impact Lead

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