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Credits for Communities

Credits for Communities is a global movement connecting change agents and partners who want to contribute to our mission: incubating agency of impoverished communities across the globe to grow their own wellbeing, through community-based social ventures that connect income-generation or financial services with access to (or provisioning of) basic needs, like water, health, renewable utilities, housing, food, and so on. We need to reimagine our economy, putting the agency back into the hands of the communities, empowering them to rebuild their own community economy as to grow the wellbeing of their community. Solutions (sanitation, housing, water, energy), as well as income and financial services (means to transact, savings, credits, insurances, mortgages and pensions) should be linked, adapted and supportive to the needs of the communities. We aim to empowering and include the impoverished communities around the world. Mind you, 73% of the worlds population is "underbanked", 2 billion people are excluded from our global economy, this is fundamentally wrong and needs to change. We belief that the power to change lies in the community..

Credits for Communities is looking for you!

If you like to join and become a Collective partner, please let us know

Who is this for?

We are here for partners to communities, or community based change agents, who aim to support their communities to unlock and incubate their agency to grow their wellbeing and become self-reliant and sustainable.

We are here to jointly:

learn from each other

grow and improve the solutions & tools available for community self-development

Ultimately, we all envision a world in which each community is empowered to be(come) a thriving community, self-reliant, in good wellbeing.

What we offer

Our resource centre is intentionally supposed to be:

a product in evolution

the transferable tools and knowledge product are meant to be improved, adapted to local context and evolve over time

a means to an end

we acknowledge the value 'peers' bring while putting these tools to work in communities


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