Resource Centre

A collective of community organisations, social innovators, and community-based change agents, working with communities to support them to be(come) self-reliant, to be empowered to grow their own wellbeing, we asked ourselves these questions:

How do we shape a society that strengthens and economically includes ‘left behind’ communities?

How do we strengthen groups of people in these communities as powerful changemakers in their communities?

This toolkit is our first step towards answering these questions and creating a support system (an enabling environment) that offers solutions, expertise and access to a collective of peer change agents based in a community, to overcome the inevitable stumbling blocks that arise on the journey to increase the communities' wellbeing.

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A product in evolution

the transferable tools and knowledge product are meant to be improved, adapted to local context and evolve over time

A means to an end

we acknowledge the value 'peers' bring while putting these tools to work in communities

It serves as a reservoir

of content for an interactive website, better suited for others/new partners to and change agents in communities, to find the right tools and peers for them.

Knowledge Piece

As part of the resource centre we will be sharing pieces of knowledge, insights and experiences from partners to communities in our global movement.